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Tio Frank’s Chile Sauce is all natural and fully cooked.  Just open and heat and you have the best chile sauce you can buy.  You can make enchiladas, pour it over eggs, add any meat.  Add it to stews or soups, make Frito pie or Possole.  There are Hundreds of ways to spice up any meal and you will love the authentic New Mexican taste in every jar.

Tio Frank’s is made in small batches with Hatch New Mexico chile to ensure quality and taste.  Take some home and enjoy the unique New Mexico Flavor.

At Tio Frank’s, we believe in focus… offering less for more if you will. Instead of offering all sorts of chile-related products, we focus on one main question – “red or green?”

Whether you are local or located with in the continental United States, we got you covered. If you are one of the many New Mexicans working out of state – why not ship a little piece of home out to your location? We can service you in quantities of just one jar, all the way to multiple cases. Just because the bride’s family wants the ceremony in Illinois doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the day with a little Hatch Chile!